Who Partners With Us?

Clients That Value Our “What” AND Our “How”

There are a myriad of questions procurement and supply chain leaders and their human resources business partners and internal recruiters often consider when it comes to engaging an external recruitment firm:

  • What does the firm specialize in recruiting?
  • What is the firm’s a track record in filling a given position type or level?
  • What experience does the firm have in a specific industry and/or category of spend?
  • What experience does the firm have in recruiting professionals in our city (or to our city)?
  • What is the firm’s fee structure?

While these are all good questions to ask and can serve to shorten the field of potential vendors, they’re really just table stakes. This is especially true for companies that seek more than a typical vendor relationship, but rather a recruitment partner that will dig deeper to provide the best talent available and deliver substantially greater value over the long term. For these companies, it’s imperative that they get beyond the “what” and look closer at the “how”. Here are a few “how” questions we hope you’ll ask us:

  • How responsive is your service?
  • How collaborative is your process?
  • How transparent are your communications?
  • How easy is your firm to engage?
  • How thorough is your candidate screening process?
  • How tenured is the recruiter who will be handling our search?
  • How extensive is your network, database and research capabilities?
  • How accountable are you for the end result?
  • How accurate are your candidate descriptions?
  • How will we feel about using your firm again in the future?

If your organization is looking for a true recruitment partner with the experience, networks and resources to deliver world-class procurement and supply chain talent, we look forward to discussing what talent-excellence means to you.

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