VERTICALREACH CONSULTING GROUP ANNOUNCES NEW BRANDING AND WEBSITE LAUNCH Accentuates New “High-Right” Logo and Progressive Grey/Orange Color Scheme, Reflecting The Firm’s Focus Of Delivering Procurement and Supply Chain “Leadership” To Forward-Thinking Organizations.

Dallas, TX (January 5, 2014) - VerticalReach Consulting Group, a premier provider of strategic procurement and supply chain talent and solutions to forward-thinking organizations, announces it has updated its branding and launched a new website at

The firm, which specializes in executive search, interim management and contract staffing for corporate-level strategic procurement and supply chain management positions, previously unveiled a new logo design in June of 2014 featuring a four-square matrix along with a new grey and orange color scheme and has recently launched a new website at

Corey Matthews, the firm’s Founder and Managing Director, commented on the logo design and new color choices: “We really hadn’t looked at our branding since the firm’s original founding in early 2006. However, our goal wasn’t just to update the brand for the sake of doing that, but really to better communicate the totality of our unique approach, philosophy and the significant value we can bring to procurement and supply chain organizations looking for a strategic recruitment partner. Our previous logo design was a rock-climbing carabiner and rope, which seemed to resonate best with candidates looking for help in reaching the next level in their career, but probably didn’t speak as strongly to the needs of our target-clients, which are forward-thinking companies desiring to hire the best strategic procurement and supply chain talent possible. With the four-square matrix design, we’re highlighting our focus on targeting the high-right quadrant, which is a common motif in strategic planning analyses used to identify the most strategic or break-through opportunities that should be pursued. Our high-right focus applies both to delivering the top-tier of available candidates for our client-partners’ vacancies and also being a resource of the most highly-coveted job opportunities for high-performing strategic procurement and supply chain professionals.”

Speaking further about his firm’s new logo, Matthews added, “our previous color scheme was blue and white and we decided to go with a more progressive dark grey and vibrant orange combination because we felt the juxtaposition of these colors better supported our focus on delivering game-changing talent for corporate level roles. Also, orange has long been a popular color for companies and organizations associated with the Human Resources field, so we felt this just further supported the decision.”

Regarding the company’s new website, which launched in November 2014, Matthews continued, “The new site builds upon our new logo’s high-right imagery and also incorporates the color scheme through a series of rotating images and reverse text in transparent boxes matching the grey in our logo. With this imagery we’re impressing upon the visitor, right off the bat, that forward-thinking companies are seeking procurement and supply chain ‘leadership’, and that by “leadership’ we mean professionals at all levels who, ‘regardless of their job title’, are exceptionally talented, driven, engaged and have an entrepreneurial, opportunity-seeking mindset.”

Matthews went on to explain that the new website features a job postings page that integrates seamlessly with the firm’s database, contains the firm’s supply chain electronic newspaper, Procurement and Supply Chain NOW!, and also offers detailed information about the full range of recruiting services the firm provides, including permanent placement, interim executives and hourly contractors. He also pointed out that the firm has a “Savings Solutions” section where it lists a range of procurement and supply chain services it can offer through third-party relationships.

The new branding and website can be viewed at

About VerticalReach

Founded in 2006, we focus on delivering strategic procurement and supply chain talent and savings solutions to forward-thinking organizations. Whether our client needs someone to architect and execute an end-to-end supply chain transformation, lead a procurement team to process and performance excellence, fill an executive or staff vacancy on an interim basis, drive performance improvement and stakeholder satisfaction as an individual contributor or access a cost-savings or value-enhancing service through one of our strategic supplier partnerships, VerticalReach is uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve procurement and supply chain excellence.

The firm was founded by an executive search professional with over 20 years of experience recruiting targeted executive leadership, mid-level management, management consultants, temporary contractors and key individual talent for world-class Procurement and Supply Chain organizations and those that are transforming to become world-class. For more information please visit us at

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